Welcome to the most northeastern county of California--a county that sits on high desert plains and borders the Great Basin of the northwest. People of Modoc county are the true northern California residents, despite how many people still think Sacramento is Northern California. It is a place that is known for snow on the 4th of July and seventy degree heat in February. A place where cattle outnumber the people and high school football games draw nearly the whole community on Friday nights. Whether you are waterskiing on one of the crystal clear lakes, camping in the pristine wilderness, enjoying the clean air from the ski hill, or just viewing the beautiful scenery, it is full of outdoor pleasures that are sure to satisfy. Nearly 70 percent of the county is publicly owned forest, and wilderness, that is open to camping, fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing. The abundant wildlife of the county flourishes in many marshes, forests, plains, and lakes. The Modoc National Wildlife Refuge is a very active refuge that's purpose is to protect the wildlife and educate the public. It lies south of Alturas and covers thousands of acres of hunting, fishing, and observational grounds. Business and community members support the five public school systems along with many extra-curricular activities such as football, soccer, high school rodeo, and many youth clubs.

Modoc is full of historic landmarks that are fun and interesting to view. Engine No. 2718 sits on short tracks at the Modoc County Historical Museum in Alturas. The Engine was built by Baldwin Company in 1904 for the Southern Pacific Railroad. The historic N.C.O. office building was constructed in 1926 out of local quarried stone in a Spanish Colonial Revival Style. Today it is the Elks Lodge and is currently on the National Register of Historic Press. It is also located in Alturas.

For anybody that travels in the Modoc area, it is obvious that cattle, hay, and machinery are not an uncommon sight. Ranching and farming are a very important aspect of the county's economy and for most people is a way of life.


The outdoors are a huge part of Modoc. The many lakes along with the Pit River provide hours of fun and relaxation. Much time can also be spent viewing the wildlife and the beautiful sunsets.
Train; Photo Courtesy of Laura Vanacker Woods; Photo Courtesy of Laura Vanacker Mule Deer; Photo Courtesy of Laura Vanacker


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