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Modoc Mission Statement

The mission of the Modoc County Courts is to insure justice, thereby serving and protecting the public by:

  • Providing access to fair, just and understandable forms for the timely resolution of differences and disputes;
  • Applying and enforcing all laws in a timely and equitable manner; and
  • Taking appropriate corrective, remedial, rehabilitative and preventive actions and using appropriate progressive programs.

Modoc County Court Vision Statement

The Modoc County Superior Court will provide the highest quality of justice and justice system services to Modoc County communities by:

  • Promoting cooperation among courts, justice system and other community agencies and services;
  • Initiating and implementing programs and policies designed to encourage ethical standards, enhance timely court performance and user accessibility;
  • Using progressive court management technologies; and
  • Continuously ascertaining, shaping and responding to the needs and expectations of court users and the community.
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Robert A. Barclay Justice Center

The Robert A. Barclay Justice Center is where you can go to have all of your Superior Court questions answered.
The building sits on 205 South East Street and is designed in a modern contemporary style. The Judges and staff look forward to fulfilling all of your legal needs.

The local Rules of Court have changed. You can download the rules of court. (PDF) Click Here

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