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California Superior Court County Of Modoc:
205 South East Street Alturas California, 96101


Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors by juveniles. Juvenile replica watches sale Court conducts trials and probation hearings.
(530) 233-6249 ext. 1222

Traffic Court

Traffic Court has jurisdiction over vehicle code infractions, most local rolex replica uk Limited Civil infractions, and minor misdemeanors.
(530) 233-6515 ext.1221

Probate Court

The Probate Court has jurisdiction over wills, estate planning, and guardianships.
(530) 233-6516 ext:1223

Criminal Court

Criminal Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors. It also has jurisdiction rolex replica sale over offenses generally punishable by fine and/or county jail term, preliminary felony hearings and felony trials.
Criminal courts conduct arraignments, criminal readiness, trials, motions, probation hearings, sentencing, and Mental Health Proceedings.
(530) 233-6515

Civil Family Law Court

Civil Court has jurisdiction over disputes involving money, title or possession of real property, and special cases such as change of name and injunctions.
(530) 233-6516 ext: 1223

Small Claims Court

Typical cases that are seen in Small Claims Court involve auto accidents, property damage, landlord/tenant disputes and the collection of personal debts. Your case is usually heard by a Superior Court Judge-- you may not have a lawyer and must present the case yourself.
(530) 233-6515 ext: 1221

Legal Process Clerk 1 

Katelyn Tate

Family Law Facilitator/Self-help Attorney/Small Claims Advisor

Wendy Dier

Legal Process Clerk II

Stacey Hutchinson

Legal Process Clerk II

Bekki Ingraham

Legal Process Clerk II

Rhonda Kirkpatrick

Senior Legal Process Clerk

Shannon Pedotti

Accounting Clerk   

Paulette Carter

Accounting Clerk

Brandy Parkin

Court Executive Officer

Ronda K. Gysin



Court Mediator, Probate Investigator

Joy Johnson