Court Executive Officers and Fiscal Contacts:


At its July 20, 2018 business meeting, the Judicial Council made 2018-19 Trial Court Trust Fund and General Fund allocations to the trial courts. Attachment A provides both a simple and complex display of each court’s recommended base and one-time allocations, and Attachment B includes a breakout by associated General Ledger account to assist courts in budgeting the allocations for the Schedule 1.


Note: The preliminary one-time reduction for fund balances above the 1% cap and the allocation recommendation for the new $75 million in funding will be brought before the council no later than its September 20—21, 2018 business meeting.


The Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee’s reports to the council provides helpful discussion and detail behind the allocations, and can be viewed by following the links below on the California Courts website:


In addition, please note the final reduction for fund balances above the 1% cap are set to occur in December 2018 based on courts’ final 2017-18 year-end fund balance information, with a report to the council at its January 14—15, 2019 business meeting.


As a reminder, California Rule of Court 10.620(f) requires trial courts to provide notice no later than 15 court days after “[r]eceipt of the annual allocation of the trial court budget from the Judicial Council after enactment of the Budget Act.” Since this email serves as notification of courts’ annual allocation for 2018-19, courts must provide notice no later than Friday, August 10, 2018.


Examples of what can be done to provide notice and comply with the rule include (but are not limited to):


(a) Posting this email and Attachment A of the attached workbook; or

(b) Posting the links to the July 20, 2018 Judicial Council reports.


Should you have any questions about these allocations or CRC 10.620(f) compliance, please contact Melissa Ng at or via telephone at (916) 263-1754.

At its July 20, 2018 business meeting, the Judicial Council made 2018-19 Trial Court Trust Fund and General Fund allocations to the trial courts  For PDF Click Here

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Modoc Mission Statement

The mission of the Modoc County Courts is to insure justice, thereby serving and protecting the public by:

  • Providing access to fair, just and understandable forms for the timely resolution of differences and disputes;
  • Applying and enforcing all laws in a timely and equitable manner; and
  • Taking appropriate corrective, remedial, rehabilitative and preventive actions and using appropriate progressive programs.

Modoc County Court Vision Statement

The Modoc County Superior Court will provide the highest quality of justice and justice system services to Modoc County communities by:

  • Promoting cooperation among courts, justice system and other community agencies and services;
  • Initiating and implementing programs and policies designed to encourage ethical standards, enhance timely court performance and user accessibility;
  • Using progressive court management technologies; and
  • Continuously ascertaining, shaping and responding to the needs and expectations of court users and the community.

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The building sits on 205 South East Street and is designed in a modern contemporary style. The Judges and staff look forward to fulfilling all of your legal needs.

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